GPwSI Substance Misuse Service




Haringey is looking for a qualified GPwSI in substance misuse to give clinical leadership for the Shared Care Scheme and GP/HAGA community detoxification program.

This opportunity is open to all GPs in Haringey currently providing shared care and alcohol detoxification.

  • Salary: £7,000 per annum

Aims of the service/Purpose of the Role

  • Champion the important role GPs have in delivery of primary care led substance misuse services
  • To work with Grove and Public Health to oversee primary care delivery of the drugs shared care scheme
  • To work with HAGA and Public Health to oversee primary care delivery of community alcohol detoxification
  • Championing the reduction of use of any addictive medication
  • Facilitate the development of joint working and the practice amongst GPs, GP surgeries and the Haringey Addiction Recovery Treatment Service
  • Develop links and liaise with GPs, nurses and practice managers to assist the development (and any arising or ongoing changes) of local substance misuse treatment provision (including changes in medication, practice guidelines etc.)
  • Offer support and clinical advice to peers regarding shared care, substance misuse treatment and community alcohol detoxification
  • Offer support and clinical advice to the Haringey Addiction Recovery Treatment Service regarding primary and community care
  • Potentially provide planned and opportunistic discussions in substance misuse and alcohol detoxification to statutory and voluntary organisations (and their teams)
  • Supporting the drug and alcohol services to investigate and act upon any breaches of practice within the scheme and SUIs
  • Working with public health to implement any new guidelines around substance misuse or update protocols
  • Support the Operational Delivery Unit (ODN) to work to WHO elimination targets of hepatitis C, specifically in drug users

Scheduled commitments

  • Attending 4 monitoring meetings (total 6 hrs) per year with the drug and alcohol service and public health commissioner
  • Attending 2 meetings a year with the drug service clinical workers to discuss operational issues.
  • Attend 1 meeting per year to discuss alcohol detoxification with alcohol service
  • Work with the Grove to run an annual shared care conference, chairing the conference and promoting the conference to peers

Professional Responsibilities

  • Keep up to date with best practice from Royal College of GPs and Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP)
  • Maintain and further develop clinical expertise and governance within substance misuse treatment
  • Participate in clinical audits as appropriate

Working Relationships

The GPwSI will work with the following:

  • The Grove
  • HAGA
  • Gps (and their teams)
  • SUs/Patients
  • MH Services
  • Haringey Public Health

Expressions of Interest are invited