Child Weight Management Service




Offering support and education to families and children to instil healthier lifestyle behaviours.

Our Primary Care Child Weight Management service is currently offered to patients within N15, Welbourne, North East and East Central PCN’s.

Tottenham Grow

In late 2021 this service led by Haringey GP Federation was commissioned by North Central London Integrated Care Board.

The service works with public health, secondary care, school nursing and local primary care services to reduce prevalence of obesity in the East of Haringey. The service also aims to improve continuity of care for children who are severely overweight or have additional medical needs beyond being overweight. Finally, we aim to support children and their families in developing strong relationships with their community

The service launched in May 2022, starting with patients attending one of our interventions ‘Grow Tottenham’, children and families between the ages of 8-13yrs were offered the chance to grow and cook their own meals.

Tottenham Grow

The service offers a 3-stage appointment system, patients are invited into an initial assessment where they are matched to one of our six interventions.

Three months after the intervention has completed, they are offered their first follow up with the clinician.

Finally, six months after the intervention has been completed, they are offered their second follow up. During this time, discussions will be had with the clinical team to discuss not only nutrition and exercise, but also any other lifestyle factors that may be affecting their weight.



April 2022-March 2023

  • 1,569 Calls made to patients
  • 1,217 Patients successfully contacted
  • 341 Referrals for interventions from VCSOs
  • 8 Schools engaged with the service
  • 350 Patients booked for initial assessment

Patient Feedback

The communication was excellent and helpful
The nutritionist devoted a lot of time and attention to my child
This service is very much needed