GP SPIN Fellowships




The Haringey GP Federation funds salaried innovative portfolio roles (SPIN) for newly and recently qualified GPs. This is a key part of our commitment to both supporting local GP capacity and the development of GPs within primary care. 

The SPIN GP Fellowships programme includes sessions with a local practice and a portfolio role within a service run by the Federation and seeks to support GPs looking to take up a position in a Haringey practice.  The scheme enables participants to focus on specialist interest areas whilst building overall capacity in areas such as Quality Improvement, Frailty and Homeless Health Inclusion.

image depicting a newly qualified GP

In the London Region, Health Education England and NHS England and NHS Improvement, have taken a joint approach on Salaried Portfolio Innovation Scheme (SPIN) and New to Practice Fellowships.  Under the umbrella of SPIN- New to Practice Fellowship programmes, they are working together, to maximise the impact of fellowship opportunities for all newly qualified and early career GPs and general practice nurses across the primary care workforce

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Dr Gursharan Rai, GP and SPIN Fellow 

Dr Rai began her two-year SPIN fellowship in January 2020 which is enabling her to work one-day a week in her SPIN role alongside four salaried sessions at the busy Queenswood Medical Practice in north London.

She was drawn to the scheme because of the opportunities to help develop her portfolio career at an early stage and because of the strong interest she had already established within the Haringey GP Federation for Quality Improvement.

She is supported by monthly SPIN educational sessions with the other participating SPIN fellows across North Central London.  She also benefits from 1:1 coaching sessions.

“Since starting the role I have worked within the Quality Improvement Support Team (QIST) as one of the Clinical leads for Childhood Immunisations. This role has given me the opportunity to understand QI at a much larger scale in the wider aspect of primary care. It has allowed me to develop skills such as project management,  build my confidence in understanding primary care framework and also release my creative & innovative side. 

“The project has allowed me to establish my professional network within Haringey, including Practice managers, GP's, nurses and public health. 

“I've had the opportunity to meet and work alongside some great people from different backgrounds within the Federation, with lots of exciting other projects going on, with so much to learn from other colleagues.” 


Key achievements and highlights:

  1. Our team has driven an objective improvement in childhood immunisations uptake in the 11 practices we initially worked with, which was really rewarding and exciting to see from a public health point of view in reducing variation across the borough.
  2. Producing a video promoting childhood immunisations - Something I would never have done in my Salaried GP role! 
  3. Support from SPIN fellows, especially over the last year through the pandemic. It has been great to have ongoing VTS like support from other newly qualified GPS on the scheme to share experiences and lessons.