Haringey Covid-19 Vaccination Programme




The Haringey GP Federation is at the heart of a strong multi-agency partnership delivering the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Haringey

Since December 2020, the Haringey GP Federation has been providing dedicated support to coordinate the GP-led vaccination programme for residents.


image patient receiving covid vaccine


Teams of trained vaccinators, support staff and volunteers were mobilised at two primary care sites in Bounds Green and Lordship Lane. Behind the scenes, teams of specialist admin and reception staff were deployed at pace to oversee the invitation process for eligible patients.

In line with government guidelines, the first to receive their vaccines were older people across the borough and frontline health and social care workers. By April 2021, Haringey successfully achieved the government target to ensure every eligible adult in the first nine priority groups had been invited to receive their first vaccination.

An outreach service for care homes and the housebound as well as pop-up and walk-in clinics has ensured that members of our community who find it difficult to access standard clinics have been vaccinated. These have included specialist clinics for homeless people and a number of pop-up clinics in churches, mosques and community centres as well as the Tottenham Hotspur FC stadium.


Results / Impact

  • “Our patients are very impressed and have called us to say thank you and also to mention how organised the vaccination centre is. Well done to the team, a great job”, Haringey GP practice
  • “Thanks to the Lordship Lane Centre for my wonderful shot-in-the-arm”, Haringey patient
% eligible groups to receive first vaccine by April 21st
Group 1 Care Home 86.5%
Group 2 Over 80s 82.3%
Group 3 75-79 83.8%
Group 4 70-74 or extremely clinically vulnerable 75.4%
Group 5 65-69 77.4%
Group 6 16-64 with underlying health condition 63%
Group 7 60-64 70%
Group 8 55-59 66.4%
Group 9 50-54 62.5%

Case Studies

Case Study 1

I think it is a safer to have the vaccine and it is a very good idea to have it.

Case Study 2

We all need to be vaccinated so that we contain the virus so we can all feel safe again. I want everyone to feel safe, and be safe

Case Study 3

I think everyone should have the vaccine and the benefits far outweigh the risks. It doesn’t make sense not to have it.