Carolyn Matthews reflects on being a Freedom to Speak up Guardian




Carolyn Matthews is Head of Workforce Development at Haringey GP Federation and also has a major role at NCL Training Hub.

As part of our ongoing efforts to cultivate a workplace culture that values openness and transparency, Haringey GP Federation appointed three dedicated Freedom to Speak Up Guardians who are committed to ensuring that every employee's voice is heard.

Their role involves being a trusted listener who can advocate on behalf of colleagues who have any concern in the workplace or simply need someone to talk to.

Our Guardians are volunteers who have taken on these additional responsibilities on top of their already demanding roles. We are extremely grateful for their commitment to making Haringey GP Federation a better, fairer and happier organisation for all.

Carolyn Matthews speaks about what motivated her to become a Guardian and the values behind speaking up for others.


Carolyn Matthews

What motivated you to become a Guardian?

I love working in Primary Care and enjoy supporting all workforce, hence my role as Head of Workforce Development. The best part of my day is walking around the office, chatting and engaging with everyone. When I was approached and asked to apply to become the ‘Speak Up Guardian’, for the Federation I was over the moon and felt very proud.


What does ‘speaking up’ mean for me:

  • It is an opportunity to learn and improve.
  • It is a culture where equality, diversity and inclusion is a golden thread that runs through everything that happens.
  • It is civility, treating everyone politely and with courtesy.
  • It is respect, valuing other people’s experience and feelings.


How would you summarise the role in one sentence?

As a Speak Up Guardian my role is to ensure that everyone feel they can speak up, feel safe, respected and included and assured that they will not be discriminated against.

The Federation applauds Carolyn’s efforts and that of our other guardians Julia Slay and Ian Delaney!

Published: Apr 28, 2023