Celebrating our Haringey Nurses on International Nurses Day




This event was organised by Nurse Lead Daniela Gomes and took place on Friday, 12th May.

On 12th May we  marked International Nurses Day with a special celebration for our Haringey Primary Care Nurses. The event was attended by many of our teams including General Practice Nursing, Long Term Conditions Health Inequalities, MACC and Enhanced Access Teams, which all provide an invaluable support to practices in Haringey, north London. We were also joined by representatives from the ICB and Haringey and NCL Training Hubs.

a group photo from the event

The event celebrated the remarkable achievements of our nurses over the past year including record numbers for childhood immunisations and female health screening. What makes these achievements even more impressive was that they were made in the challenging backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic and the emergence from pandemic into the new challenges of system wide recovery.

The event also served to promote networking, staff wellbeing as well as training development opportunities, with a view of improving retention. This links to Haringey GP Federation’s work to promote careers in nursing in the borough by implementing a new model for the support and recruitment of practice nurses.

Our Nurse Lead Daniela Gomes reflected on the event saying

‘’We appreciate our Primary Care Nurses in Haringey as the great and natural leaders that they are. They have been essential for our successes for a long time, in areas ranging from women’s health to routine and childhood immunisations, long-term conditions and care of the elderly. During the pandemic they not only continued to see patients face-to-face, but also dedicated themselves tirelessly to the Covid vaccination programme, leaving little to no free time to spare for their own families at home. Our Nurses are valued and this day was all about celebrating them!’’

What did some of the nurses present have to say?

Maria Powazka, Programme Manager for Nursing, NCL TH

"It was inspiring to see so many nurses in one room - a fantastic opportunity for many often working in isolation to meet in person, network, share experiences, as well as get updates on available training and career development opportunities."

Barbara Botsford, GPN & PCN Nurse Lead

"The event was very special and especially getting to meet all of the various groups of people that make up our nursing team. Also felt that everyone was appreciated, no matter how long they've been involved or the roles they play. We are all invaluable. Thanks for putting this on and bringing us all together."

a speaker at the event

participants of the event

participants at the event

Published: May 24, 2023