SMI Physical Health Checks Service




Delivering physical health checks to help people living with serious mental illness to keep safe and healthy

Our Primary Care SMI service is offered to people in the London Borough of Haringey who live with severe mental illness.

image depicting physical health check

A partnership between the Haringey GP Federation (formerly Federated4Health), Mind in Haringey and Barnet, Enfield and Haringey (BEH) Mental Health NHS Trust, was commissioned by North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group in 2020. The aim was to deliver health improvements across populations disproportionately affected by the Covid19 pandemic, which included some of Haringey's black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) residents.

Following an initial pilot, the service launched in April 2021 seeing patients within each of Haringey’s Primary Care Networks (PCNs), rotating every 4-6 weeks across the borough.

Delivering physical health checks to help people living with serious mental illness to keep safe and healthy

The service will continue to March 2023 and will again move East to West across Haringey working with all the borough’s Primary Care Networks.

The service offers patients a comprehensive physical health check with one of our clinicians, offering a safe space for discussions around lifestyle, health and wellbeing concerns. At 30 minutes, appointments through this service are considerably longer than a standard GP appointment slot to enable the time need to work with patients with the goal of keeping SMI patient safe and healthy.

During a health check patients may be signposted to other primary care or community resources to support the adoption and maintenance of safe, healthy behaviours.

“The nurse was incredibly empathetic, compassionate and professional. They took time to explain the process whilst allowing me to ask questions. They were incredibly kind in nature and went over and above the call of duty. I felt safe in their presence, thus allowing room for free-flowing dialogue between us. Honestly this service is much needed. I felt that any ailments were tackled in a professional manner. This service is like a one stop shop. I am definitely a fan of this service and shall turn up next year when I am called to come in again.”



In April 2022, the service provided its 1,000th physical health check almost one year to the day since its formal launch in April 2021.

Between April 2021 and December 2021 we worked with 28 of Haringey’s GP practices covering six out of the eight PCNs in the borough in 2021. In this time:

  • 903 Patients were seen
  • 684 patients from a BAME ‘at risk’ group were seen
  • More than 2,400 patients were contacted
  • 668 patients seen received six-point physical health checks for: alcohol and smoking status, BMI and blood pressure, a blood test for cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • 110 patients were referred to our BAME Community Wellbeing Advocate for further support