Training and Workforce Development




Enabling the recruitment, retention and development of a strong and sustainable primary care workforce in Haringey

A multi-partner programme of strategic transformation is improving access to primary care services in Haringey. This includes significant investment in the recruitment, retention and development of the practice and primary care workforce.

image depicting a training session

The Haringey GP Federation (Federated4Health) is at the heart of this transformation, underpinned by our three-fold aim to strengthen, innovate, and advocate for strong and sustainable General Practice in our borough. 

A key aspect of our involvement is the hosting and management of Training Hub for North Central London and delivery of specific training for practice and primary care staff.


What is a Training Hub?

Visit the Haringey Training Hub to see the calendar of training and learning events.

As well as our involvement with the Training Hub, we are also supporting the workforce development programmes needed to further equip general practice in Haringey to improve patient care and access.

We work in alignment with Health Education England (HEE) and with partners across North Central London to recruit and support the staff needed to strengthen the primary care workforce in our borough.


Shared Teams:

  • Clinical Pharmacy: Improving patient outcomes in Haringey by successfully embedding Clinical Pharmacy expertise into the primary care workforce. Read the case study.
  • Nursing: Recruitment, onboarding and training of shared nursing roles which work across a number of practices. Read the case study.

Recruitment and Retention:

  • GP Fellowships / Salaried Portfolio Innovation Scheme: Supporting newly qualified GPs as they begin their careers. Read the case study.
  • Coaching & Leadership Scheme: Leadership development for mid-career GPs
  • Lead Nurse and Nurse Forum: Strengthening and supporting the nurses in Haringey through access to training and mentors