Training as a Covid Vaccinator at Morris House Group Practice




1. The COVID programme details are found at this site:

eLearning for Healthcare

We need four modules for the Lordship Lane site (Pfizer, AZ, Moderna and core):

eLFH Programme Information


2. Please ensure you complete these background modules if you do not already have these as an NHS member of staff or registered clinician

Other modules from  alternative providers such as Blue Stream can be used if already complete.

Immunisation – Legal Aspects

Immunisation – Vaccine Storage

Immunisation – Vaccine Administration

Introduction to Anaphylaxis 

Recognising and Managing Anaphylaxis

Statutory and Mandatory Training (SMT)

Safeguarding Adults (Level 2)

Safeguarding Children and Young People (Level 2)

Basic life support for children


3. Please also complete the sharps e-learning for health module found here: 

Needle Stick (Sharps) Injuries

No certificate is obtained but email across a copy of training evidence from your  training record.


4. After completion of the online training, you will need to complete in person training depending on your background at the site.

Finally you will complete the  COVID-19 vaccinator competency assessment tool in person at the site with a trainer. The tool can be found here:

Vaccinator Competency Assessment Tool


Please submit all certificates as PDFs to prior to your first  session or training.

For questions about training please email