Annual Report and Highlights




Strengthening, innovating and representing general practice

Haringey GP Federation is now six years old! Our annual report 2021-2022 looks back on another year marked as much by challenge as by opportunity with the emergence from pandemic into the system-wide recovery.

Our vision to build a healthier and happier Haringey through strong and innovative general practice has remained paramount.

Highlights in support of our aims include:

  • To strengthen general practice
    • We built on our member support offer, working to ensure that within the options available, all our practices can feel a benefit. This has included supporting practices with recruitment, with CQC preparation and with coding work for example. We were able to celebrate staff from every practice through the Haringey Staff Awards. Our 2021-2022 member bursary funded wellbeing and staff development events.
  • To innovate in general practice 
    • We have continued to work with partners to develop new services particularly where there are health inequalities and where patients need additional support than practices typically have capacity for. Our Severe Mental Illness (SMI) physical health check service has supported people with SMI to get their annual physical health checks, improving our Haringey percentage from 19% to 42% in a year and our Homeless Health Inclusion Team has enabled more than 70 patients to become registered with a GP and helped them re-engage with health services.
  • To represent general practice 
    • This year we also recognised the importance of coming together across Haringey to ensure that we have one voice for general practice that is unified, credible and consistent. We have engaged with clinical directors, the Local Medical Committee (LMC) and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) clinicians to ensure that we influence the system in a unified way. We have been active contributors in the Borough Partnership and the North Central London (NCL) General Practice Provider Alliance. General practice has a unique understanding of our population and what they need so it is critical that voice is heard and amplified. It is also vital that we are able to ensure that the wider system understands the ever-increasing pressure in general practice, as we also work to understand what they are facing so that we can work together to secure mutual resilience.

Previous Highlights of the Annual reports:

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