Bridging the inequality gap through digital inclusion




Bridging the inequality gap and digital divide is a key priority for Haringey.

Data shows that some of Haringey’s most vulnerable residents, with the most complex needs, are digitally excluded.  This can result in poorer access to the services they need to improve outcomes, including health care.

Haringey GP Federation has been commissioned to provide a new digital inclusion service to provide resources which will help people to better navigate online health and care services.

It means that health and social care professionals like GPs and care navigators can refer residents who are then offered training sessions aimed at improving digital literacy.

Available in group and one-to-one formats, the sessions have a particular focus on how to use health solutions ranging from the ‘NHS app’ and ‘Patient Access’ to their GP’s website, all valuable tools for patients who have regular prescriptions and/or appointments. These sessions take place in central locations like libraries and community centres, making it easier for anyone to access them.

In addition to training residents, the digital inclusion service also works to ensure that staff working within the community in health and social care roles have the skills needed to identify and assist digitally excluded people. We are working closely with partners across the borough to ensure that other organisations know about the service and how to refer patients.

Want to learn more about this innovative service, including how to make a referral? Find out here: Digital Inclusion Service

Published: Feb 12, 2024