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Haringey GP Federation is now the service provider for One You Haringey

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Haringey GP Federation

Haringey GP Federation has been commissioned by Haringey Council to deliver the One You Haringey service from 1st February 2024, with a clear imperative to tackle health inequality in new ways.

This reflects Haringey Council’s commitment to addressing preventable illness through the commissioning of local services which work with residents to empower them to live a healthier lifestyle.

Haringey GP Federation in partnership with Healum, a digital health behaviour change and patient management system, will take One You Haringey to the next level for the residents of Haringey.

One You Haringey enables residents to access guided support to give up smoking, lose weight, reduce alcohol consumption and be more active.  It also offers an NHS health check to help local residents to stay healthy and prevent conditions like heart diseases, cancers and diabetes.

From 1st February, One You Haringey will develop more ways for residents to get help to live healthy lifestyles. The aim is to enable more personalised support and approaches, tailored to individual needs and local population health priorities.  In doing so the programme will help tackle health inequalities in Haringey.

The intention is that Haringey will benefit from a highly accessible community programme combined with a smart digital solution which works collaboratively well-established voluntary and community groups, health organisations and care providers.

Cassie Williams, CEO Haringey GP Federation said: “One You Haringey presents a fantastic opportunity to combine our clinical expertise and knowledge of working with residents with the power of Healum’s digital health platform for the benefit of Haringey’s residents. Together we can empower residents in the borough with behaviour change tools at moments that matter in their health and care journey so they can make sustainable lifestyle changes to their health and wellbeing.”

Throughout 2024, community organisations and Haringey residents will be invited to help design the next phase of One You Haringey. For example, to help develop a new personalised mobile app to empower residents to understand and manage their health choices.

Residents will also be invited to get involved in supporting their community to live healthier lifestyles through a health ambassador programme.

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In the meantime, health care professionals, VCSOs and residents can continue to access the service in the following ways:

Published: Feb 1, 2024