Online NHS Healthcare at Your Fingertips




Haringey residents can now get help to connect to local health services via their mobile phones, laptops or computers thanks to a new Digital Inclusion service from Haringey GP Federation. The new service has been commissioned by Haringey Public Health and launched earlier this year.

It offers training and support to make everyone is able to access services that have routinely moved online in recent years. This includes things like booking appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions, using the NHS app or finding local health services.



The goal is to make sure no one is prevented from getting the healthcare they need simply because they don’t know how to do this online or don’t have the right resources. Our service offers training sessions for residents in local libraries and community centres to help them access NHS healthcare conveniently online. The team also works with GPs and local community groups to share the knowledge needed to identify ‘digitally excluded’ patients and refer them to the service for support.

This type of training is helping to equip staff to better assist patients who may feel left behind in the technology age. The team is rapidly proving itself to be a valuable asset to Haringey, helping to bridge the digital divide and empowering communities to access essential healthcare services with ease.

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Published: May 10, 2024